Get Dental Implants, Sydney

Find out if you qualify for an early release of super to pay for dental implant treatment.

You don't need to wait! Start smiling and enjoying your favourite foods again! For those who are eligible for an early release of super on compassionate grounds this is a genuine path to finally get life changing treatment. Enter your details below and reply to the sms text we send you, one of our friendly consultants will call and give you all the information.

If you decide to book a consultation this is what you get:

  • Comprehensive Dental Implant Consult $75. Includes ALL X-Rays & Diagnostics. Genuinely valued at $350.
  • Get a full diagnosis, treatment plan and find out if you are eligible for an early release of your super.
  • All the info you need to make an informed decision on your dental health.

Struggling With Dental Issues?


Would you like to learn how you may be able to get the dental treatment you need NOW, using your super?

I need this!

How it works

1 Step 1

We book your no-obligation $75 implant consultation with one of our expert implant dentists. This includes ALL X-Rays & Diagnostics saving you $$$

2 Step 2

At your consult the dentist will assess you and provide treatment and cost options and confirm if you are eligible for a compassionate release of your super.

3 Step 3

If eligible and you decide to go ahead, you will apply to the ATO for an early release of your super on compassionate grounds. The application process takes between 4-8 weeks.

4 Step 4

If you are approved by the ATO the funds will be released into your bank account - simply pay the dentist in full and begin your truly life-changing treatment!

So, if you have…

  • Been struggling with chronic dental issues that negatively affect your life.
  • Put up with it for a long time
  • Exhausted all options to afford treatment.

Take action now to...

  • See if you qualify to pay with super for the treatment you require.
  • Without going into DEBT.

Want To Learn More?

Submit your details below and one of our friendly consultants will give you a call and give you all the info.

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