We do not provide health or financial advice. The information you consume in any of our communications is not financial or tax advice and we are not financial or tax advisors.

Always seek professional advice before making decisions. Not all dental treatments and conditions are suitable for the early release of super. You are not able to access your Super for cosmetic treatments, it is for acute/chronic conditions.

Our dentist will diagnose your specific ailment and let you know if you are able to use your super to fund treatment. Everyone’s dental health situation is different, therefore requiring a personalised treatment plan.

Please book an appointment with our dentist to find out exactly what type of dental treatment is best for your particular situation.

We have put this consultation package together to give everyone (who needs or wants) the opportunity to get the information they need to make an informed decision about what is best for them. A second opinion from an equally qualified dentist is recommended prior to commencing treatment.
Please read the above disclaimer fully . Our FAQ’s may answer any other questions you may have